Policies & Procedures

On Sunday 5th December 2010, the members of Collegeland O’Rahilly’s GAC unanomously agreed to ratify a series of Codes, Policies and Procedures as proposed by the Outgoing 2010 Committee.

By renewing their membership in 2012, all Members accept these Policies and Procedures.

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Codes, policy and procedure introductions for 2010 AGM (123Kb)

Policy Documents:

  1. Club Members General Code of Conduct (68Kb)
  2. Players Code of Conduct (64Kb)
  3. Managers/Coaches Code of Conduct (68Kb)
  4. Player Transfer Policy (86Kb)
  5. Disciplinary Procedures (69Kb)
  6. Grievance Procedures (72Kb)
  7. Child Protection Policy (54Kb)